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GitKraken with Hamid Shojaee

December 20, 2017

Edward talks with Hamid Shojaee about GitKraken, the popular Git client. They discuss GitKraken's origins as a "30 day project", developer productivity, and building developer tools that are easy to use and likeable.

Git Sprint Weekend by Bloomberg

December 7, 2017

Edward talks to some of the participants of the Git Sprint Weekend, a hackathon hosted by Bloomberg to bring people into working on the git and libgit2 open source projects. He talks with the organizers, mentors and the hackers fixing bugs and adding new features over the weekend.

GitHub Universe 2017

November 21, 2017

Sara Ford sits in for Martin and she catches Edward up on everything he missed at GitHub Universe 2017. They discuss wildfires, conferences, the "Wisdom of Crowds", robots, and the sessions at GitHub Universe.

Learning Git and Human Factors with Sara Ford

November 7, 2017

Martin and Edward talk to Sara Ford about getting started using Git with Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, using Git on Windows, and best practices getting set up on the command line. They wade into a discussion of git merge --squash versus git rebase --interactive, and Sara explains human factors in software development and prescriptive and descriptive software design.

Git for Teams with Emma Jane Hogbin Westby

October 24, 2017

Martin and Edward talk with Emma Jane Hogbin Westby about her book, Git for Teams, about using Git to successfully collaborate with team members and how to teach people to use version control. In this episode, they also discuss humanizing software development and making Git more friendly to beginners.

GitHub Desktop with Brendan Forster

October 10, 2017

Martin and Edward talk with Brendan Forster about the new and rewritten GitHub Desktop, avoiding the second-system syndrome and building cross-platform Electron apps.