All Things Git

About the Podcast

All Things Git is the podcast about the Git version control system. We talk to the people who build Git, who create tools for Git and teach people how to use it.

Edward Thomson

Edward's been writing version control software for over fifteen years, culminating in working on tools for Git. He's a maintainer of libgit2, the library that powers Git hosting providers like GitHub and Visual Studio Team Services, and is the author of Git for Visual Studio training from O'Reilly. In his day job, he's a Program Manager at Microsoft working on Git in Visual Studio Team Services.

Follow him on Twitter at @ethomson.

Martin Woodward

Martin Woodward is the principal program manager for DevOps in Microsoft, where he focuses on Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server. Previously, Martin was executive director of the .NET Foundation, helping drive Microsoft’s move to open source, and was responsible for the Java, Linux, and Mac tooling in the Developer division, where he helped introduce Git into Microsoft.

Follow him on Twitter at @martinwoodward.

Our theme music was written and composed by Richard Valentin.

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