All Things Git

Git for Mobile Development with James Montemagno

March 14, 2018


Edward talks with James Montemagno about getting started using Git, being one of the top 5 C# developers on GitHub (with 3000 followers!), centralized version control systems before Git and building CI/CD pipelines around Git.

James Montemagno is a Principal Program Manager for Mobile Developer Tools at Microsoft. He has been a .NET developer since 2005, working in a wide range of industries including game development, printer software, and web services. Prior to becoming a Principal Program Manager, James was a professional mobile developer and has now been crafting apps since 2011 with Xamarin. In his spare time, he is most likely cycling around Seattle or guzzling gallons of coffee at a local coffee shop. He can be found on Twitter @JamesMontemagno, blogs code regularly on his personal blog, and co-hosts the weekly development podcast Merge Conflict.

Show Notes