All Things Git

Git for Windows with Johannes Schindelin

February 20, 2018


Edward and Martin talk to Johannes Schindelin about Git for Windows. They discuss the challenges of porting a collection of Unix tools to Windows, maintaining a fork, make some turn of the century jokes about vi vs emacs, and encourage you to stop saying "msysgit".

Johannes Schindelin maintains Git for Windows. He used to be a number theorist, a geneticist and a scientific image processing expert. He now works at Microsoft, spending most of his time trying to improve Git for Windows’ user experience.

Show Notes

  • Git for Windows
    • Gitter, a chat room for discussing Git for Windows.
  • Systems for building Unix-like applications on Windows:
    • Cygwin, the project for Windows that tries to emulate POSIX.
    • mingw, the minimum GNU system for Windows, a simpler way to build Unix-like applications.
  • Jessie Frazelle on automation:

    Hire the people who will automate themselves out of a job, then just keep giving them jobs.
    jessie frazelle (@jessfraz)

  • Git Merge is the conference for Git developers and enthusiasts. Johannes is talking with Derrick Stolee about building Git for Windows; Derrick recently wrote an article about performance improvements in Git for Windows.