All Things Git

Learning Git and Human Factors with Sara Ford

November 7, 2017


Martin and Edward talk to Sara Ford about getting started using Git with Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, using Git on Windows, and best practices getting set up on the command line. They wade into a discussion of

git merge --squash
git rebase --interactive
, and Sara explains human factors in software development and prescriptive and descriptive software design.

And a bonus Git commentary: Ed explains why you need that crazy double-dash when you want to check out a single file.

Sara Ford is back at Microsoft on the Azure AD B2C team! Previously, she worked at GitHub and also at Microsoft… a couple of times. 😊 Sara started her career working on Microsoft's developer tools, including Visual Studio and CodePlex, where she's authored a couple of books on Visual Studio with Microsoft Press. In 2011, she became a Distinguished Fellow in the Dept of Engineering at Mississippi State University. In 2015, Sara received her Masters degree in Human Factors (HCI / UX) at San Jose State University because she wants to make developer tools more usable. Sara's life-long dream is to be a 97-year-old weightlifter so she can be featured on the local news.

Show Notes