All Things Git

Posh Git with Keith Dahlby

September 4, 2018


Edward talks to Keith Dahlby, the creator and maintainer of posh-git, about tech conferences, what it's like to be a Microsoft MVP, and PowerShell versus unix shells.

Keith Dahlby is a father, a web developer, a git enthusiast, a language geek, and a nine-time C# MVP from Cedar Rapids, IA. By day, he accelerates world-changing ideas from Iowa with NewBoCo, and he teaches at DeltaV code school. By night, he is a promiscuous open-source contributor. He previously architected the e-commerce platform at J&P Cycles. His open source efforts include posh-git, a git environment for PowerShell, Griddle, a grid component for React, and, a site featuring open source projects looking to mentor new contributors. He was also a core contributor to LibGit2Sharp.

Show Notes